1998 - Ronald Kolman, FAIA

2002 - Murray Barnard, AIA

2007 - Anne Smith, FAIA

2012 - Jerry Lominack, FAIA

2017 - Steven Stowers, AIA

The Kolman Award

Named in honor of Ronald Kolman, FAIA, The Kolman Award is the highest award given by AIA Savannah.  

The award is given no more than every four years, and only when a member of AIA Savannah is found truly deserving of special recognition. 

Nominations are received from the general membership but may also be generated by the Executive Committee.

An anonymous Review Committee is formed consisting of the previous recipients, the AIA Savannah President, and additional members appointed by the President to equal no less than five and not to exceed the total participating past recipients and the President.  An award nominee cannot serve on the Review Committee.  


At least ten years active membership in AIA and AIA Savannah;

Service to AIA Savannah, in particular as an officer, committee chair, volunteer, or in carrying out special projects consistently;

Service to the community in rolls which utilize the special talents and abilities of an architect; and

High ethical standards in practice and in conduct;

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