AIA recognizes and celebrates the best buildings and spaces, and the people behind them, with some of the most prestigious awards in the built environment.



    The project demonstrates design achievement in architecture regardless of budget, size, style, or type.


    Renovation or restoration of a site of any size.

    Residential Design

    Excellence in residential design this category may also include multi-family.

    Student Project Design

    Excellence in student work including research, installations, conceptual projects, or competitions. Applicant must be a current student in Georgia or one that has graduated in 2018.



    Through more than thirty programs, AIA Honors & Awards highlight best practices and recognizes exemplary projects, engages and support members in the diverse practice of the profession, and opens opportunities to collaborate among peers and colleagues in the built environment.

    Artisan Award

    To recognize an artisan whose dedication to their craft assists Savannah Architects to turn their vision into reality.


    Certificate of Appreciationfor Service to the Profession

    To Officers and Directors who did an exceptional job in their defined role.


    Certificate of Appreciation for Professional Accomplishment

    To members who made some exceptional contribution or accomplishment.​


    Citation of Excellence

    To individuals or organizations from outside the profession who have contributed.



    ​Named in honor of Ronald Kolman, FAIA, The Kolman Award is the highest award given by AIA Savannah.  The award is given no more than every four years, and only when a member of AIA Savannah is found truly deserving of special recognition. 


    Nominations are received from the general membership but may also be generated by the Executive Committee. An anonymous Review Committee is formed consisting of the previous recipients, the AIA Savannah President, and additional members appointed by the President to equal no less than five and not to exceed the total participating past recipients and the President.  An award nominee cannot serve on the Review Committee.  



    • At least ten years active membership in AIA and AIA Savannah;

    • Service to AIA Savannah, in particular as an officer, committee chair, volunteer, or in carrying out special projects consistently;

    • Service to the community in rolls which utilize the special talents and abilities of an architect; and

    • High ethical standards in practice and in conduct

    Past Recipients:

    1998 - Ronald Kolman, FAIA

    2002 - Murray Barnard, AIA

    2007 - Anne Smith, FAIA

    2012 - Jerry Lominack, FAIA

    2017 - Steven Stowers, AIA



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